About Rum Insurance

About Us

We are a Jordanian public shareholding company with $8.5 million USD of capital. Our diverse group of clients have trusted us to protect them by providing auto insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and general insurance since 1976.

We are an organization built for the long term and armed with a vision to disrupt the traditional approach.

Our innovative insurance solutions and specializations serve niche sectors that we know well. This expertise gives us a successful foundation that spans generations.

Our Mission

Providing insurance services by adopting insurtech approach and platforms. Instant, easy and driven by values.

Our Vision

To be part of a world-leading insurance services group that consistently seeks sustainable growth and to enhance enterprise value.

Strong culture
  •  We practice our craft with precision and hold ourselves to exacting standards.
  •  We respect and value differences.
  •  We stand behind the promises we make.
  •  High-performing, rewarding and inclusive environment.
  •  Fueled by a can-do attitude.
Proven leadership
  •  RUM Insurance top leaders have built their careers in insurance.
  •  Stability: leaders average 30 years of industry experience, with nearly 20 at the company.
Building to thrive in a digital age
  • We are transforming RUM Insurance to be compelling in a digital age.
  •  We are focused on the customer experience – modernizing what insurance does and how it does it.
  •  Major initiatives include InsurTech, Digitalized Payments, IoT and Big Data.
  •  Utilizing data and analytics.
Our Values
  • Customer Focused
  •  Integrity
  •  Transparency
  •  Innovation
  •  Professionalism
  •  Fraud Avoidance