Insurance Services
Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can help give you peace of mind on your next journey. We offer travel insurance coverage with express service and worldwide assistance. Get a travel insurance online today and help protect your next adventure.

Home Insurance

This insurance provides full and comprehensive protection for your home and for personal purposes against all risks.

Marine Insurance

The Maritime Insurance Department ensures the protection of goods and property transported by sea and/or air and/or land in accordance with international institute conditions.

Personal accidents

Provides coverage for accidents of the insured worldwide against (death, total and partial disability) and therapeutic expenses.

Engineering Insurance

Engineering insurance includes all contractors' risks and all installation risks, in addition to equipment insurance.

Other general insurances

Bad credit

Provides coverage against poor credit to the employees of the insured.

Cash insurance

cash in the safe, cash transferred.

Career risks

Coverage is provided to people (doctors, lawyers...) against professional mistakes.

Legal liability

Protects the insured against legal liabilities that may arise against the insured.

Work emergencies

Provides coverage to insured workers against work injuries


Provides coverage for all the risks of glass panels of the building